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  • Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe”


    Enter the premium class of Taekwon-Do and get the Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe” from TOP TEN. Athletes from the 4th Dan appreciate the sports suit with black stripes as an award for their achievements and are immediately recognizable as professionals for students. The fabric’s excellent quality gives the “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor Dobok a refreshing lightness and first-class wearing comfort. Due to the fabric’s structure, the suit is extremely robust and still scores unhindered air permeability. The black stripes are on the jacket’s hem and the arms and legs’ outer seams. The large Taekwon-Do lettering on the back and the colored logo patches of the ITF and TOP TEN ensure a casual finish.

    Other advantages:

    • open-pored functional fabric
    • fast drying time
    • movement-friendly cut
    • high-quality seams
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  • Master Dobok “Air Deluxe”


    This ITF approved Master Dobok from Top TEN is a stroke of genius in breathable sportswear. The fabric structure of the polyester fibers is worked in a loose Carré structure and interspersed with fine holes. This guarantees optimum air circulation in the Master Dobok “Air Deluxe” at all times. As your body temperature increases with increased stress, the moisture-wicking material provides unique thermal regulation and immediately wicks sweat away from the body. In addition, mesh inserts are processed in various areas, such as the neck, underarm and waistband areas. In this combination, the Master Dobok impresses with a noticeable lightnessThe slip-on jacket and the trousers are typical for the sport and have a particularly robust finish. The discreet logo prints of TOP TEN and ITF can be found on the front of the Taekwon-Do suit. The back is visually studded with a black ITF Taekwon-Do stick.

    Additional advantages:

    • black master hem
    • extremely lightweight functional fabric
    • mesh panels
    • itf approved
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  • Taekwon-Do Grandmaster Dobok “Premium Gold” (7th – 9th Dan) (ITF approved)


    With the Grandmaster Dobok Top Ten achieved a masterpiece for the award of special sporting merit. The 7th to 9th Dan is currently the highest level of active Taekwon-Do athletes and can only be reached through years of training. The Grandmaster suit underscores your skills with its outstanding design and unique functionality. While the classic cut refers to tradition, the split black contrast stripe on the sleeve and shoulder seams as well as the side seams stand out visually striking. The lower edge of the jacket is also lined with a high-quality black stripe. The Taekwon-Do suit is made of 100% functional material and therefore convinces with its lightness. Great freedom of movement is provided by the specially designed crotch portion of the trousers, which promotes dynamic movement.

    Additional advantages:

    • high-quality embroidery work
    • cool mesh inserts for optimal ventilation
    • elastic step insert
    • fast drying
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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Premium Gold” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    In the Taekwon-Do Dan stages 4, 5 and 6, you have risen to the status of an instructor. With the Dobok “Premium Gold” from Top Ten, you get a Taekwon-Do suit of the highest classwhich makes your performance immediately visible with its black stripes. Both the hem edges of the slip-on jacket, the shoulder arm seams and the outer side seams have these additional 4 cm wide black stripes embroidered. Our Diamond Flexz material provides a unique feel on the skin. The surface is smooth and has a light sheen, while the inside of the fabric is soft and handy. A special highlight is the mesh inserts. These are incorporated with flat seams in the shoulder areaunder the armpits, in the hip area and the knees. The pants fit perfectly on the spot by the wide elastic waistband, which can be adjusted again with a shiny cord individually to your width. The special trouser cut provides enough room for maneuver. Here Top Ten has worked the extra step to allow even high kicks effortlessly.

    Additional advantages:

    • functional material
    • high quality embroidery
    • fast drying
    • ITF tested
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  • Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Diamond” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)


    Classy as Olympic gold – the Instructor Dobok “Diamond” from Top Ten. In the taekwondo-suit from Top Ten, you are perfectly equipped for your new tasks in the state of the instructor. The special elastic insert in the crotch area offers extra freedom of movement in the area of footwork. High and dynamic kicks can be performed without interruption even …

    Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Diamond” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)Read More

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  • Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Premium Gold” (ITF approved)


    master in Taekwon-Do is a Dan carrier (black belt) in levels 1-3. As a special distinction, your Taekwon-Do suit may now also have contrasting black hem edges on the jacket in addition to the black belt (Ty)Another highlight of the Top Ten Taekwon-Do Master Dobok is the special structure of the fabric. This ensures balanced moisture management and is quick drying. Also turned on “left” you will be surprised with how much sensitivity the Dobok “Premium Gold” is equipped. The abrasion-free flat seams and high-quality mesh inserts make the Taekwon-Do suit a real softie on your skin. Classic elements such as the cut and the length of the sleeves and trouser legs, as well as the embroidery on the chest and back, bring tradition and modernity into harmony. Of course, the Dobok meets the requirements of the ITF and may be worn as a competition suit.

    Additional advantages:

    • Diamond Flexz material
    • fast drying
    • very good ventilation through mesh inserts
    • seams in a glossy look
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  • Taekwond-Do Student Dobok “Diamond” (ITF approved)


    Get out of everyday life and into the Dobok. The Taekwon-Do suit “Diamond” takes you out of the hectic everyday life and lets you immerse yourself in the Korean martial art of Taekwon-DoTop Ten, as a traditional martial arts brand, has launched a beginner-friendly model called “Diamond”, which can easily keep up with its wearer’s growing performance. The synthetic fiber fabric is light and pleasant on the skin and the abrasion-free flat seams provide optimal comfort. Due to the slightly elastic material and the classic cut, especially the specially crafted insert in the crotch of the pants ensures maximum freedom of movement. With its advantages, the Taekwon-Do suit has also convinced the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) and has earned the label, which is patched on the jacket. With the red top ten embroideries, the otherwise classic white Dobok is a real eye-catcher in dojang.

    Additional advantages:

    • cool mesh inserts
    • elastic crotch area
    • sweatproof
    • fast drying
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  • Taekwond-Do Dobok “Kyong” (ITF approved)


    From the very small ones (110 cm) to the big ones (200 cm), everyone in the Taekwon-Do suit “Kyong” can make it big. With its high-tech fibers of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Dobok is a true masterpiece from Top Ten. The colored patches give the simple and therefore classic Taekwon-Do suit a fresh look. The fit meets the high demands on mobility. Since it is particularly important to the leg and footwork at Taekwon-Do, we have paid special attention to details. The pants fit perfectly in the hip area through the soft, elastic waistband. The length is fully in line with expectations. In kicks with stretched legs, the fabric lays soft and covered even in dynamic movements of the leg.

    Additional advantages:

    • size selection
    • easy-care blended fabric
    • ITF print on the back of the jacket
    • flat seams
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