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  • Boxing gloves “RoundUP”


    For your further development in everyday sparring, training and at the competition level, TOP TEN hit the bull’s eye with the “RoundUp” boxing gloves. The handmade boxing gloves with a cover made of 100% cowhide leather look very stylish due to the slightly shiny surface finish. The TOP TEN logo runs over the entire outer hand and ensures a sporty look. Thanks to the extra thick EVA foam padding, the “RoundUP” has excellent cushioning properties, which means they can be used in various martial arts. Experience a daily competitive feeling in boxing, K1, Muay Thai, and kickboxing and ensure maximum safety with the “RoundUp.” The lacing system of the boxing gloves supports the optimal adaptation to your hands so that the “round up” always fits perfectly.

    Additional advantages:

    • optimal adjustment through lacing system
    • high-quality EVA padding
    • breathable real leather cover
    • weight range from 8-18 ounces
    • training/sparring/competition
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  • Boxing gloves “Sparring X”


    Let the TOP TEN “Sparring X” boxing gloves convince you and develop your skills with them in the ring and on the mat. With its broad face and the extra safety thumb, the “sparring” in 12/14 / or 16 ounces is perfect for taking on the challenges in full contact, such as Thai boxing, boxing, or Muay Thai. The combination of materials used in “sparring” has a lot to offer. The soft leather cover ensures a comfortable grip for your sparring gloves, while the mesh insert on the inside optimizes the climate management of the “sparring.” Even the fixed thumb has small perforations on the palm so that your hands remain tirelessly confident even during long training sessions. The wide shaft of the “Sparring X” has a stabilizing effect and fits well. The “Sparring X” gloves can be adjusted in width using the strong hook and loop fastener and have a precise fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • real leather cover
    • high wearing comfort
    • stabilizing shaft
    • mesh inserts on the palm
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  • Boxing gloves “Warrior”


    We promote talents. That’s why we also stock a large selection of equipment for juniors in our online shop. The boxing gloves Junior “Warrior” by TOP TEN are in no way inferior to their big role models. Especially with adolescents, special attention is paid to the still soft and malleable bone structure. With the “Superfight 3000” series are proven advantages, the “Warrior” competition gloves protect hands and joints perfectly with their narrow cut. Despite the large-volume Bayfill insert, the real leather boxing gloves look light and graceful. With an innovative ventilation system, the “Warrior” brings fresh wind to sweaty hands and wicks moisture through a smooth functional fabric to the outside.

    Additional advantages:

    • Advantages of the “Superfight 3000” series
    • narrow sectional shape
    • immensely strong padding
    • perfect thermoregulation
    • WAKO approval (order label at the same time)
    • 10 oz gloves
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  • Boxing gloves “4select”


    For all animal lovers among you, we also have our new “4select” boxing gloves in the real leather-free version. Otherwise, gloves # 2244 and # 2044 boxing gloves are the same in construction and also impress with their unique multi-layer padding. The EVA pads are based on the one-piece injected and already anatomically preformed IMF pad. Especially the clubface has been specially designed and promises you not only the best protection but also a new kind of power feeling. Each punch is recorded as an impulse, but its hardness is derived from your hands. The fit leaves nothing to be desired. The 4select boxing gloves adapt to your hands individually and are in the weight ranges 10/12/14 / 16oz comfortable even in longer sessions wearable. The round design in 3 different colors gives the boxing gloves a casual and sporty look. Of course, the new “4select” logo should not be missing, besides the typical TOP TEN print.

    Additional advantages:

    • high-quality nubuk artificial leather
    • innovative multi-layer padding
    • perfect fit
    • attractive color design with prints
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  • Boxing gloves “4select” Leather


    The new is finally hereTOP TEN introduces the new boxing gloves “4select” from September 2019 onwards. The special feature of him is his 4 layers, which give you not only the best impact absorption but also an incomparable impulse feeling. The mixture of IMF foam, a one-piece plastic material that is already injected into the mold, is filled with layers of EVA foam. This guarantees you a high power transmission through the boxing gloves, especially in the area of the clubface. Before the padding is covered with soft, yet robust Genuine Cowhide Leather, the layers are firmly joined together. In terms of design, the “4select” boxing gloves are sporty and elegant thanks to their asymmetric color gradient and the typical TOP TEN logo. The “4select” print is clearly visible on the thumb and the strong hook and loop fastener. Show your passion with the new “4select” boxing gloves from TOP TEN.

    Additional advantages:

    • leather gloves
    • Color selection in a sporty design
    • unique multi-layer padding
    • perfect shaping
    • 4 weight sizes
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