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Boxing gloves “Sparring X”


Let the TOP TEN “Sparring X” boxing gloves convince you and develop your skills with them in the ring and on the mat. With its broad face and the extra safety thumb, the “sparring” in 12/14 / or 16 ounces is perfect for taking on the challenges in full contact, such as Thai boxing, boxing, or Muay Thai. The combination of materials used in “sparring” has a lot to offer. The soft leather cover ensures a comfortable grip for your sparring gloves, while the mesh insert on the inside optimizes the climate management of the “sparring.” Even the fixed thumb has small perforations on the palm so that your hands remain tirelessly confident even during long training sessions. The wide shaft of the “Sparring X” has a stabilizing effect and fits well. The “Sparring X” gloves can be adjusted in width using the strong hook and loop fastener and have a precise fit.

Additional advantages:

  • real leather cover
  • high wearing comfort
  • stabilizing shaft
  • mesh inserts on the palm

The brand of champions also inspires in sparring: TOP TEN “Sparring X” boxing gloves.

With the “Sparring X” boxing gloves, TOP TEN has created a universal natural talent. The gloves are not only exceptionally robust but also highly comfortable. Thanks to their color-block design, you can quickly get into the fast lane with the “Sparring X” style. The shaped curvature saves you pure muscle strength and remains completely calm even during long training sessions. Due to the offer in different ounce ranges, you can use the “Sparring X” to adapt your exercise plan again and again and develop your skills blow by blow.

On a date in the ring with the “Sparring X” from TOP TEN.

Use your sparring units to improve your skills and see what works for you and what doesn’t. For the session to affect, you must get to know your sparring partner blow by blowTesting the limits brings both of your constant further development. Regulate your strength and see your joint training session as a kind of intellectual game without winners or losers.

Thumbs up for the TOP TEN “Sparring.”

The thumb is fixed in the TOP TEN “Sparring X” so that you cannot injure yourself. In the perfect combination with the widened playing surface, the safety concept of the sparring gloves is fully developed down to the fingertips. The high-quality material of the “Sparring X” is designed to be durable and prepared for the unique requirements of partner training.

Develop your skills in training with the sparring boxing gloves “Sparring X” from TOP TEN. Get your pair now in our online shop.


red 12 oz, red 14 oz, red 16 oz, green 12 oz, green 14 oz, green 16 oz, blue 12 oz, blue 14 oz, blue 16 oz


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