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Boxing grenade “Punch”


With the right swing to the correct technique – the boxing grenade “Punch” from TOP TEN will help you. Developed with a successful professional boxing trainer, this training tool in two weight classes (500 g or 1000 g) perfectly intensifies the basic movement. A significant side effect is the strengthening of the upper body and stabilization over the middle of the body. The “Punch” boxing grenade lies non-slip in hand thanks to the rubberized handle and can optionally be secured with a hand strap via the hole in the handle. Due to the one-sided weight, your hitting hand is automatically rotated in the forward movement and takes an ideal hitting position. If you want to increase the intensity level during your workout, you can use the boxing grenades, like dumbbells in each hand, to strengthen endurance.

Additional advantages:

  • handy training tool
  • extremely important for technique training
  • for individual and group exercises
  • available in 500 g or 1000 g
  • delivery takes place individually

Put the focus on your technique and get support with the “Punch” boxing grenade.

We rely on the experience of professionals, and that is why we developed our “Punch” boxing grenade with a renowned boxing trainer. The power of your punches doesn’t always make the difference between victory and defeat – in most cases; the technique makes all the difference. Due to the one-sided weight distribution of the “Punch” boxing grenade, your striking hand is automatically rotated in the forward movement and takes the ideal posture. While initially, the presence of your trainer is recommended for the correct use of the tool, you can also practice with the “Punch” alone after successful instruction.

“Punch” boxing grenade brings you to success with one blow.

Close your eyes and go through – even if technique training is not one of your favorites on the training plan. For those who prefer to achieve success quickly, the “Punch” boxing grenade is the right tool for the clean execution of the blows. In contrast to regular dumbbells, the weight of the “Punch” is only on one side. Thanks to the robust design made of protective lacquered steel with a rubberized grip surface, you hold an indestructible piece of success in your hands. For safety, a hand strap can optionally be attached through the hole above the handle.

It’s worth punching through.

In a sport, as in real life, we must fight our way now and then. While there cannot be instructions for all situations in life, we offer you the key to success in boxing with the “Punch” boxing grenade. Use the training tool independently to consolidate techniques at home or work out new movement sequences with your trainer in the gym. Since the “Punch” material is easy to clean, it meets the hygienic requirements for group sports in sports schools and clubs.

Rely on a perfect striking technique and get the boxing grenade “Punch” directly from our online shop.


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