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Focus Mitts “Intro”


Create your personal intro before the next competition and continuously improve your performance during training with the “INTRO” from TOP TEN. Technique, speed, precision, and endurance, and stamina can be trained with the Focus Mitts. The “INTRO” with their mix cover made of leather / synthetic leather is designed for particularly tough and enduring loads. Super handy, the “INTRO” with an area of 20 cm x 17 cm promise a lot of movement on the mat. Thanks to a comfort fixation with finger guides and hook and loop fastener, the “INTRO” punch pads can be safely and quickly moved from cover to attack. Even high impact energy is absorbed by the cushioning foam core and immediately distributed over the entire surface.

Additional advantages:

  • hard-wearing cover made of leather / synthetic leather
  • dimensionally stable foam core
  • first-class quality
  • high grip

Clock in the training ring: “INTRO” hand claws from TOP TEN.

You cannot be stopped and do your claw training over the entire distance. You have to rely on your equipment entirely. The “INTRO” Focus Mitts from TOP TEN create security for the athlete and the respective training partner. In addition to a finger guide and a concealed backhand, the “INTRO” can be individually adjusted using a continuously adjustable hook and loop fastener.

The promising curves of the TOP TEN “INTRO” Focus Mitts.

The mitts have the right grip, and the “INTRO” has a noticeable foam protrusion on the back. This fills the wearer’s palm and gives him full control over the training tool. An additional foam pad is used on the lower edge for even more comfort to provide stability even with counter pressure and countering.

Anything but boring foreplay – claw training with the “INTRO” from TOP TEN.

Are you hot for your next competition? Then face the challenges of the TOP TEN “INTRO” in a challenging squabble fight beforehand. Adjust the lap length to your competition distance and ask your partner to use the “INTRO” for quick counterattacks and attacks. If the claws are guided with enough counter pressure, they create a realistic feeling and 100% martial arts enjoyment.

The start of your sporting breakthrough. Get the TOP TEN “INTRO” Focus mitts from our online shop for effective training units.


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