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Master Dobok “Air Deluxe”


This ITF approved Master Dobok from Top TEN is a stroke of genius in breathable sportswear. The fabric structure of the polyester fibers is worked in a loose Carré structure and interspersed with fine holes. This guarantees optimum air circulation in the Master Dobok “Air Deluxe” at all times. As your body temperature increases with increased stress, the moisture-wicking material provides unique thermal regulation and immediately wicks sweat away from the body. In addition, mesh inserts are processed in various areas, such as the neck, underarm and waistband areas. In this combination, the Master Dobok impresses with a noticeable lightnessThe slip-on jacket and the trousers are typical for the sport and have a particularly robust finish. The discreet logo prints of TOP TEN and ITF can be found on the front of the Taekwon-Do suit. The back is visually studded with a black ITF Taekwon-Do stick.

Additional advantages:

  • black master hem
  • extremely lightweight functional fabric
  • mesh panels
  • itf approved

Take a deep breath in Master Dobok “Air Deluxe” by TOP TEN.

More air is not possible. The two-piece Dobok “Air Deluxe” by TOP TEN is not only a lightweight, but it is also more like just breathable. Thanks to the new fabric structure of the polyester fibers, the smallest “air holes” ensure fantastic wearing comfort, even under extreme physical strain. Slip-on jacket and trousers are additionally provided with mesh inserts and bring even more fresh wind at heavily used areas. The wide V-neck is soft and the 5-way quilted lapels are soft on the neck area.

Tested and approved.

Meeting all the requirements of the ITF, the new Master Dobok “Air Deluxe” has easily obtained the ITF approved label. Its classic cut meets the lightweight material, making the taekwondo suit loose and light. The sixfold quilted arm and leg cuffs give the form of the suit extra stability, without restricting your movements. The black Master Jacket Hem is extended in the front to the middle of the body, your energy center, over the lapels. For the perfect fit in all your movements, the pants provide a wide, elastic waistband, which can be individually adjusted with a drawstring of your figure.

Why deep breath really helps.

Over 90% of our oxygen demand is covered by our breathing. Those who do not breathe properly damage their health as the body cannot be supplied with vital oxygen. With conscious breathing, we can reduce stress and keep our mind and body in shape. By the way, exhaling is also an important process because it releases nitrogen and other pollutants from your body.

Bring new lightness into your sport – with the Taekwon-Do Master Dobok “Air Deluxe” by TOP TEN.


white / size 160 cm, white / size 170 cm, white / size 180 cm, white / size 190 cm, white / size 200 cm

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