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Pointfighter “Glossy Block”


The Pointfighter “Glossy Block” is a further development of our Pointfighter classic and offers the martial arts athletes special protection on the wrist. Here we have a special feature, a 2 cm wide reinforced foam ring incorporated. In this way, we achieve an optimized impact absorption on the sensitive regions of the carpal joints. The proven lining with Gripline made of ASL Antislip material we have retained as in the case of Pointfighter as an important feature. The flexible PPS foam cushion ensures excellent energy absorption. A strong hook and loop fastener and a rubber band ensure the perfect hold of your gloves.

Additional advantages:

  • Shiny appearance
  • Stitched, closed thumb
  • Ergonomic shaping
  • Very good damping properties

Critical arguments for the Pointfighter “Glossy Block”.

As with your sportswear, gloves are all about martial arts, the individual taste, and preferences of the wearer. But here you should especially put your sporting knowledge and ambitions in the foreground. With the Pointfighter “Glossy Block” you are right, when you find yourself in kickboxing in semi-contact, so the point fighting.

Made in Germany.

The inside of the gloves consists of first-class PPS foam made in Germany. For the perfect anatomically appealing shaping, the foam mixture is sprayed and hardened in specially designed molds. Thus, your gloves are “cast” in one piece. Displacement or detachment from the material cannot occur, as with glued or pressed products. This will give you a product of very high quality and longevity. The material is not equal knocked out even under high stress.

Gloss and art – the shell of the “Glossy Block”.

In the outer skin, we have deliberately opted for a pet-friendly gloss leather. The particularly easy-care properties of this cover are particularly important to us. You can sanitize your gloves hygienically without damaging them after a fight or workout by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. The lining made of ASL Antislip material is moisture repellent and thus prevents bad smells from forming sweat.

When it comes to size.

The most common question when buying gloves is still the right size. In contrast to boxing gloves, where you get different weight classes (in ounces uz) presented on gloves, it is easier in kickboxing. Here is a rough guide – your T-shirt size is about the size you need for hand protection.

For your sporting goals in pointfigthing you are well advised to the “Glossy Block”.


black-red XS, black-red S, black-red M, black-red L, blue XS, blue S, blue M, blue L, green XS, green S, green M, green L, red XS, red S, red M, red L, yellow XS, yellow S, yellow M, yellow L, white-gold XS, white-gold S, white-gold M, white-gold L


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