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Taekwon-Do Instructor Dobok “Diamond” (4th – 6th Dan) (ITF approved)



Classy as Olympic gold – the Instructor Dobok “Diamond” from Top Ten.

In the taekwondo-suit from Top Ten, you are perfectly equipped for your new tasks in the state of the instructor. The special elastic insert in the crotch area offers extra freedom of movement in the area of footwork. High and dynamic kicks can be performed without interruption even at fast intervals, while the soft and elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit and comfort.

Cool Mesh will not let you down.

The special mesh stripes in the Taekwon-Do Diamond suit ensure an optimal body climate in all phases of your movement. When things get hot they cool you down, while in the phases of rest and relaxation, the freely circulating air lets your body dry quickly and thus prevents it from cooling down.

Why uniforms are a good idea.

In our increasingly selfish world, martial arts like the Taekwon-Do with their uniforms made an important statement. It is not important what you wear, it is important who wears it. Even the Taekwon-Do suits of the Dan carriers are similar to those of a beginner, except for their subtle black stripes. Dominant is always the color white, which stands for purity (spirit) and equality of all Taekwondoin.

You can practice martial arts on a high level in the Taekwon-Do Instructor suit “Diamond” by Top Ten.


white / size 160 cm, white / size 170 cm, white / size 180 cm, white / size 190 cm, white / size 200 cm

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