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  • Backpack “Daily”


    With the “Daily” from TOP TEN your fingers will itch immediately – pack your sports gear and put it away. There is space for everything you need in the gym in the practical backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps. The main compartment can be easily loaded from above and thanks to the ingenious locking system, the contents remain well protected inside the TOP TEN “Daily” Backpack. Outside, the backpack with its hard-wearing nylon material defies wind and rain, making it a reliable companion in sports and leisure. With so much sportiness, a relaxed style should not be missing, and so the “Daily” with its synthetic leather trimmings is a real eye-catcher.

    Additional advantages:

    • spacious main compartment
    • practical side pockets
    • TOP TEN design with synthetic leather elements
    • reinforced base for a firm stand
    • dimensions: 32 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm
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  • Backpack “Giant ITF”


    Many luggage needs a lot of space, and the “Giant ITF” backpack from TOP TEN can offer you that. The classic Toploader backpack is 56 cm long and has numerous side pockets for small items. However, the highlight of the “Giant ITF” is hidden in the “double” bottom. A further compartment with a length of almost 30 cm unfolds as if by magic via a circumferential zip system. With a mesh insert on the back, the additional space is perfect for dirty shoes, sweaty sports clothes, or wet towels. To not have to clear out the entire backpack beforehand, a front zipper ensures quick loading. With its sporty design and weatherproof outer material, the “Giant ITF” is the perfect companion for the next competition weekend or an extended stay in a training camp.

    Additional advantages:

    • compact design
    • Additional compartment in the bottom of the backpack
    • compression system
    • adjustable straps
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  • Backpack “Giant”


    The “Giant” backpack from TOP TEN is the first choice for all those who still have big plans. The top loader convinces with practical details and, thanks to its individual extension system, turns out to be a real storage space miracle. The large main compartment of the “Giant” is around 56 cm long and 40 cm wide and offers plenty of space for everything you need on your trip. There are smaller zip pockets in the lid compartment and on the front, making things tidy on the go. You can easily stow 1.5 l bottles on the sides while the flexible drawstring spontaneously secures your jacket and hat. The highlight of the “Giant” is its extension system on the floor. If you open the all-round zipper, you get a storage space of almost 30 cm for free. On the back, a 40 cm long carrying system with adjustable straps and back pads ensures a comfortable feeling on the shoulders, even when fully loaded.

    Additional advantages:

    • gigantic space
    • main subject toploader
    • extension front loader with mesh insert
    • padded carrying system with chest strap
    • compression straps for better fixation
    • sporty designs to choose from
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  • Backpack “Viper”


    The black “Viper” backpack from TOP TEN is a real storage space miracle and swallows much luggage despite its handy shape. The daypack doesn’t care whether you go for a round in the gym or a spontaneous shopping tour in the city. The spacious main compartment can be easily opened and closed via the smooth-running zipper, not to lose any time packing. The additional zipper compartment on the front and the 2 mesh pockets on the sides provide the necessary overview. In addition to the chic black design, the “Viper” backpack from TOP TEN is adorned with the typical red company brand.

    Additional advantages:

    • handy daypack
    • practical division of subjects
    • robust polyamide fabric
    • sporty TOP TEN design
    • Dimensions: 34 cm x 45 cm x 18 cm
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  • Backpack-Sportsbag-Dufflebag combination “UFA”


    Get a loyal companion for your sports and leisure adventures with the “UFA” backpack bag from TOP TEN. The sturdy bag made of hard-wearing polyester has a dirt and water-repellent surface and an oversize zipper for a particularly striking design. The main compartment can be opened wide so that both loading and unloading the Ultimate Fighting Arsenal bag is child’s play. The contents can be secured using the two compression straps, which results in a relaxed wearing experience in the backpack version. The padded back straps are in the bottom of the “UFA” and transform the sports bag into a practical rucksack in just a few simple steps.

    Additional advantages:

    • generous space 75 x 30 x 35 cm
    • flexible carrying system
    • hard-wearing material selection
    • additional side pockets
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  • Boxing gloves “KIDS”


    With the “KIDS” boxing gloves, TOP TEN brings tried and tested know-how to every children’s training session. The high-quality padding made of IMF foam is modeled on the natural shape of the fist and supports the young athletes in the correct hand position. The “KIDS” compression fixation with hook and loop fastener protects the sensitive wrist area and reduces the risk of injury. The children’s boxing gloves “KIDS” design, available in 6 and 8 ounces, ensures the maximum fun factor. In addition to the dark blue, you can choose between brilliant white or bright yellow. As a first-class TOP TEN product, the typical star is an essential part of the “KIDS” design. It shines on the robust synthetic leather surface directly above the shaft and not only makes children’s eyes sparkle with pride.

    Additional advantages:

    • high-quality IMF foam
    • robust cover made of synthetic leather
    • innovative ventilation system
    • 6 and 8 ounces to choose from
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  • Boxing gloves “RoundUP”


    For your further development in everyday sparring, training and at the competition level, TOP TEN hit the bull’s eye with the “RoundUp” boxing gloves. The handmade boxing gloves with a cover made of 100% cowhide leather look very stylish due to the slightly shiny surface finish. The TOP TEN logo runs over the entire outer hand and ensures a sporty look. Thanks to the extra thick EVA foam padding, the “RoundUP” has excellent cushioning properties, which means they can be used in various martial arts. Experience a daily competitive feeling in boxing, K1, Muay Thai, and kickboxing and ensure maximum safety with the “RoundUp.” The lacing system of the boxing gloves supports the optimal adaptation to your hands so that the “round up” always fits perfectly.

    Additional advantages:

    • optimal adjustment through lacing system
    • high-quality EVA padding
    • breathable real leather cover
    • weight range from 8-18 ounces
    • training/sparring/competition
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  • Boxing gloves “Sparring X”


    Let the TOP TEN “Sparring X” boxing gloves convince you and develop your skills with them in the ring and on the mat. With its broad face and the extra safety thumb, the “sparring” in 12/14 / or 16 ounces is perfect for taking on the challenges in full contact, such as Thai boxing, boxing, or Muay Thai. The combination of materials used in “sparring” has a lot to offer. The soft leather cover ensures a comfortable grip for your sparring gloves, while the mesh insert on the inside optimizes the climate management of the “sparring.” Even the fixed thumb has small perforations on the palm so that your hands remain tirelessly confident even during long training sessions. The wide shaft of the “Sparring X” has a stabilizing effect and fits well. The “Sparring X” gloves can be adjusted in width using the strong hook and loop fastener and have a precise fit.

    Additional advantages:

    • real leather cover
    • high wearing comfort
    • stabilizing shaft
    • mesh inserts on the palm
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  • Boxing gloves “Warrior”


    We promote talents. That’s why we also stock a large selection of equipment for juniors in our online shop. The boxing gloves Junior “Warrior” by TOP TEN are in no way inferior to their big role models. Especially with adolescents, special attention is paid to the still soft and malleable bone structure. With the “Superfight 3000” series are proven advantages, the “Warrior” competition gloves protect hands and joints perfectly with their narrow cut. Despite the large-volume Bayfill insert, the real leather boxing gloves look light and graceful. With an innovative ventilation system, the “Warrior” brings fresh wind to sweaty hands and wicks moisture through a smooth functional fabric to the outside.

    Additional advantages:

    • Advantages of the “Superfight 3000” series
    • narrow sectional shape
    • immensely strong padding
    • perfect thermoregulation
    • WAKO approval (order label at the same time)
    • 10 oz gloves
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  • Boxing grenade “Punch”


    With the right swing to the correct technique – the boxing grenade “Punch” from TOP TEN will help you. Developed with a successful professional boxing trainer, this training tool in two weight classes (500 g or 1000 g) perfectly intensifies the basic movement. A significant side effect is the strengthening of the upper body and stabilization over the middle of the body. The “Punch” boxing grenade lies non-slip in hand thanks to the rubberized handle and can optionally be secured with a hand strap via the hole in the handle. Due to the one-sided weight, your hitting hand is automatically rotated in the forward movement and takes an ideal hitting position. If you want to increase the intensity level during your workout, you can use the boxing grenades, like dumbbells in each hand, to strengthen endurance.

    Additional advantages:

    • handy training tool
    • extremely important for technique training
    • for individual and group exercises
    • available in 500 g or 1000 g
    • delivery takes place individually
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  • Boxing Socks


    Material: 70% cotton, 19% spandex, 4% nylon, 7% latex

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  • Bruce Lee – Seine Ewigkeit (Sammlerausgabe von 1985)


    Dieses Buch im Magazin-Format ist 1985 in deutscher Version erschienen und war ein Riesenerfolg. Die spezielle Sammlerausgabe des Magazins ist in Ihrer Stückzahl begrenzt. Es handelt sich hier um den Originaldruck aus 1985. Das Buch wurde in einer sehr authentischen Art und Weise aus dem Chinesischen übersetzt – das alleine ist schon ein Grund, dieses …

    Bruce Lee – Seine Ewigkeit (Sammlerausgabe von 1985)Read More

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  • Focus Mitts “Intro”


    Create your personal intro before the next competition and continuously improve your performance during training with the “INTRO” from TOP TEN. Technique, speed, precision, and endurance, and stamina can be trained with the Focus Mitts. The “INTRO” with their mix cover made of leather / synthetic leather is designed for particularly tough and enduring loads. Super handy, the “INTRO” with an area of 20 cm x 17 cm promise a lot of movement on the mat. Thanks to a comfort fixation with finger guides and hook and loop fastener, the “INTRO” punch pads can be safely and quickly moved from cover to attack. Even high impact energy is absorbed by the cushioning foam core and immediately distributed over the entire surface.

    Additional advantages:

    • hard-wearing cover made of leather / synthetic leather
    • dimensionally stable foam core
    • first-class quality
    • high grip
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  • Hand-Wrap, elastic boxing bandage “Military”


    The elastic “Military” hand-wraps, boxing bandages from TOP TEN with a length of 250 cm take a lot of responsibility for your safety. The material is easy to wrap and can absorb a lot of moisture. Thus you protect your boxing gloves from internal destruction by moisture and bacteria and at the same time ensure a comfortable feeling on your hands. The “Military” is an essential part of the basic equipment in martial arts and, in addition to padding in the glove, serves to prevent serious hand injuries actively. With the correct wrapping technique, the width of 5 cm allows you to form a closed area of your fingers, which results in a noticeably better distribution of force. The TOP TEN “Military” hand-wraps, boxing bandages are equipped with a hook and loop fastening system to make swaddling easy.

    Additional advantages:

    • color selection in camouflage pattern
    • 250 cm length
    • 5 cm wide
    • hook and loop fastener
    • thumb loop
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